My main themes of interest have included photos of graffiti, landscapes and pictures of a more abstract nature. The subject matter that has most recently captured my attention and inspired me over the last 6 years has been water and it’s infinite variations. The result has been to capture scenes of seascapes and natural environments and transform the rarely seen patterns into moving memories.

I like to capture, in an abstract way, how nature “paints a picture”.

Water acts like a canvas upon which the elements of light, wind, clouds in the sky all come together to “create” wonderful pictures. The more I experimented with different times of day, weather conditions etc. it became evident that even from the same vantage point a never ending wealth of color and composition was at one’s disposal. Nature truly can “produce the best picture” and photograpy provides the challenge of capturing this realistic or abstract „ best picture“ by my developing a quick „artistic eye“. Depending on which type of material these photographs are reproduced on, it is possible to bring to the subject more texture and refinment that lends an impresssion of it appearing as a creation painted, rather than a photo.

Rafael Alexei Schölermann

Nationality: German/Canadian
Birthplace: Calgary, Alberta Canada in Oct. 18,1963
Location: Munich, Germany & Vancouver, Canada

Schmied-Kochel-Strasse 17
D-81371 Munich

e-mail: contact@waterworks.photos
Tel.:+49 (0)172-8534726

All photographs are copyright of the artist. Reproductions and limited edition reproductions on a variety of high quality mediums are can be purchased from the artist upon request.